Algorithm behind clustering, Prims Algorithm






  • First, we must initialize an MST with the randomly chosen point.
  • Now we must locate all of the edges that link the tree from the previous phase to the new vertices. Choose the shortest edge from the discovered edges and add it to the tree.
  • Repeat step 2 until the MST is formed.


  • Prim’s algorithm is used in network designing.
  • It’s possible to create network cycles with it.
  • It’s also good for laying down electrical wires.


#include <stdio.h>#include <limits.h>#define vertices 5 /*Define the number of vertices in the graph*//* create minimum_key() method for finding the vertex that has minimum key-value and that is not added in MST yet */int minimum_key(int k[], int mst[]){int minimum = INT_MAX, min,i;/*iterate over all vertices to find the vertex with minimum key-value*/for (i = 0; i < vertices; i++)if (mst[i] == 0 && k[i] < minimum )minimum = k[i], min = i;return min;}/* create prim() method for constructing and printing the MST.The g[vertices][vertices] is an adjacency matrix that defines the graph for MST.*/void prim(int g[vertices][vertices]){/* create array of size equal to total number of vertices for storing the MST*/int parent[vertices];/* create k[vertices] array for selecting an edge having minimum weight*/int k[vertices];int mst[vertices];int i, count,edge,v; /*Here ‘v’ is the vertex*/for (i = 0; i < vertices; i++){k[i] = INT_MAX;mst[i] = 0;}k[0] = 0; /*It select as first vertex*/parent[0] = -1; /* set first value of parent[] array to -1 to make it root of MST*/for (count = 0; count < vertices-1; count++){/*select the vertex having minimum key and that is not added in the MST yet from the set of vertices*/edge = minimum_key(k, mst);mst[edge] = 1;for (v = 0; v < vertices; v++){if (g[edge][v] && mst[v] == 0 && g[edge][v] < k[v]){parent[v] = edge, k[v] = g[edge][v];}}}/*Print the constructed Minimum spanning tree*/printf(“\n Edge \t Weight\n”);for (i = 1; i < vertices; i++)printf(“ %d <-> %d %d \n”, parent[i], i, g[i][parent[i]]);}int main(){int g[vertices][vertices] = {{0, 0, 3, 0, 0},{0, 0, 10, 4, 0},{3, 10, 0, 2, 6},{0, 4, 2, 0, 1},{0, 0, 6, 1, 0},};prim(g);return 0;}



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